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The Deuterocanon (as it is known in the Catholic tradition), or the Apocrypha (as it is known in the Protestant tradition), are the books that are found in the LXX or the Latin Vulgate but are not found in the Hebrew texts that form the Jewish canon or the Protestant Old Testament. At one point in time these books were considered canon by various Christian communities but as time passed they fell out of favor. 

Because of the nature of the Deuterocanon/Apocrypha often times there are very few monographs written on the topic; and even fewer of them have been digitized. When this is the case, links will be provided to sections of introductory bible commentaries. These will give brief overviews of the topic and hopefully provide students with further resources. 

This guide will provide the students with digital access to the various commentaries that have been written about these books. They will vary in academic "rigor" ranging from purely academic to more pastoral in nature. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE NOT ALL OF THE COMMENTARIES ON THESE BOOKS BUT JUST A SELECTION. To find more information on these books please use the search bar above to discover what is in the DTL catalog. 

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